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HomeWorld CupWorld Cup Qatar 2022: New report discredits carbon neutrality claim

World Cup Qatar 2022: New report discredits carbon neutrality claim

World Cup Qatar 2022: New report discredits carbon neutrality claim

A new report suggested that the claim of a carbon-neutral World Cup Qatar 2022 is based on creative accounting and hence misleading. The detailed report suggests that the calculations have conveniently ignored major sources of emission. Despite claiming it will be the first World Cup to do so, Carbon Market watch believes that the tournament will not achieve a net-zero footprint. They believe it was speculative and inaccurate to draw any conclusions from the commitment.

“We are on track to hosting a carbon-neutral World Cup,” a spokesperson for the Supreme Committee for Delivery & Legacy (SC) of Qatar 2022 said. “The methodology used to calculate the carbon-neutral commitment is best in practice and was designed to be based on actual activity data after the World Cup has concluded. This will be published, and any discrepancies will be explained and offset. No other country has engaged so deeply with its citizens to ensure a sustainable legacy is left behind after a Fifa World Cup.”

“Despite a lack of transparency, the evidence suggests that the emissions from this World Cup will be considerably higher than expected by the organizers, and the carbon credits being purchased to offset these emissions are unlikely to have any positive impact on the climate,” Gilles Dufrasne said. “Calling the event itself carbon neutral is problematic. Even if the accounting had been done properly, it gives a false sense of achievement and says we can continue to host this mega event every four years and can continue to do that at no significant cost to the climate. This gives a false idea to the general public and fans attending, so the policymakers need to communicate correctly about the impact of these events, putting the measures in place to reduce emissions but then still be clear about the fact that these events come at a cost. We need to be transparent about it.”

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