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Why is Neymar Anxious?

Neymar suffers from anxiety Brazilian footballer Neymar has admitted suffering from anxiety over the outbreak of coronavirus.

“It makes me nervous that I don’t know when I will return to the field,” Neymar wrote on his website. “I miss out on football. I’m sure the fans want to see the soccer stars return to the courts too. I hope it will happen as soon as possible, “added the Brazilian National Team striker and French PSG champion. He also shared a photo with his fans: Be strong and be happy every day.

Neymar feels that he is insulting his luxurious property in Mangaratiba which is 100 Km from Rio de Janeiro. Neymar moved to PSG from Barcelona for a record EUR 222 million two years ago. Neymar paid EUR 8 million for the villa four years ago and the property has tennis courts and volleyball courts, swimming pools, and a heliport.

Neymar is not spending time alone in solitude but also taking his closest friends to the house.