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West Ham: Matt Jones offers an insight into Premier League nutrition

Matt Jones has been working as a sports nutrition consultant with Premier League club West Ham since 2019. Jones has built a reputation for himself over the past decade and has worked in Brazil, UAE, Saudi Arabia, and the US. He works two days a week with the medical and performance team at West Ha

“I enjoy spending time in a variety of areas where nutrition can have an effect. I frequently conduct group theoretical sessions that can resemble a regular class complete with a presentation. I occasionally make videos to share with the group,” Matt Jones said about his role at West Ham. “The second week would be more of a practical application session and might be held in the dining room. That will be the first week in a month-long cycle. We may discuss the use of carbs as fuel and how eating carbohydrates fill up a small fuel tank in your muscle, which depletes when you engage in any strenuous activity.”

“In football, for example, the fuel tank empties fully after 70 to 75 minutes of intense play. At that point, players start to feel fatigued. More carbohydrate intake in the days before the game will guarantee that the fuel tank is full. I would discuss portion sizes and other matters in the dining room, pointing out the many carbohydrate possibilities,” he added. “I would likely be on the grass with players in the third week, pointing out strenuous behaviors, such as “you just ran a 10m sprint, so your gas tank has just decreased by x%.” This is an opportunity to consider how to replenish those fuel tanks quickly at halftime or during play breaks by consuming carbs or ingesting gels. The next month, I’ll choose a different subject and follow the same steps.”

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