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‘We’re in no shape to contend’: President Francesco

Italy’s top three divisions are awarded on August 20 until the finish of the season, yet Serie C President Francesco Ghirelli says ‘we’re in no shape to contend’

Although Series An and B invited today’s FIGC announcement, there has been a marginally unique reaction in the third level, where clubs have already cast a ballot here to end the 2019-20 season.

'We're in no shape to contend': President Francesco

“What happened today in the Federation meeting was far from acceptable, I have to be straightforward here. Series C has a special place in professional football, which is the reason there are divisions Series A, B, and C. We are in no condition to play, 60 club doctors have disclosed to us that, so for what reason would it be advisable for us to be untrustworthy and say something else? There is a need to change football at its very roots and in its general public. They can not guarantee health and safety approaches and the present convention also goes past the capabilities of most Series C clubs. I will talk about it again with the Presidents. We have decided on this so we should reconsider it. My lone aim is to ensure the clubs and players’ inclinations, as safety is paramount.,” Ghirelli composed on the Lega Pro site.

There is the chance of freezing the division as it is, advancing the top three gathering victors, and deciding play-offs on the fourth.