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UEFA: Aleksander Ceferin backs financial fair play rules

UEFA: Aleksander Ceferin backs financial fair play rules

UEFA president Aleksander Ceferin made it clear that they will not be told what to do following criticism of the Kylian Mbappe contract extension. He signed a lucrative contract after being heavily linked with Real Madrid since last summer. The La Liga referred to the contract extension as scandalous but Ceferin insisted that the fair play rules in place are very strict.

“Whoever will respect our rules is welcome to play in our competitions; who will not respect the rules will not,” UEFA President Aleksander Ceferin said. “Look not Real Madrid or anyone else will tell Uefa what to do. They are outraged from one point of view and, as much as I know, their offer was similar to [PSG’s] offer.”

“I’ve said that many times and I will say it again, tell me one argument why they shouldn’t be the owners of a club,” he added. “If you say that clubs belong to the fans, don’t you think that the other English clubs have owners – they have owners from the United States, some from the Middle East, they have owners from England. So it’s exactly the same situation and I’m really tired of these accusations without any concrete grounds. I want to know who broke the rules and if you break the rules then you will be punished.”

“For sure they will have to play away, even home matches, but it will depend on the clubs where they decided to prepare for the season. We will do whatever we can to help but it is absolutely impossible that they play at home,” he added about Ukraine clubs.

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