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Troy Deeney encouraged athletes to open up on their sexuality

Troy Deeney encouraged athletes to open up on their sexuality

Captain Troy Deeney of Watford has declared that each football team is probably going to have one gay player in their ranks as he encouraged more athletes to open up on their sexuality.

Previous Norwich striker Justin Fashanu is the main transparently gay male footballer in British history with Deeney adamant as of now playing the game there are bounty more.

The 31-year-old, who has separated from himself and has two youngsters, accepts right now is an ideal opportunity for additional athletes to come out as gay, recommending it would be a heavyweight to carry around.

Deeney said with Louis Theroux podcast on BBC’s Grounded: “I ‘d go on record saying there’s probably one gay or two-man in each football team. They ‘re there, they ‘re 100 percent there. I think individuals who are gay or from that network are worried about having to shoulder the duty of being the first. I think there would be loads once the primary comes out. On the off chance that he comes out and says it, I think you’d get at least 100 individuals in the principal week who went ‘to me too.’ Just because they would prefer not to be its face. I believe there’s a greater platform to be a gay athlete of any nature now than ever previously. I’m simply inquisitive why individuals end football, basketball, whatever sport it may be, and then go I’m gay. I have a feeling that it must be a real heavyweight to bear across your whole donning career.”

Australian footballer Andy Brennan revealed in 2019 that he was gay having played for Newcastle Jets in the A-League beforehand.

The announcement was one of alleviation for Brennan, who declared that he could now completely concentrate on playing football without concealing his sexuality.