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Torino Player Under Quarantine.

A Torino player has screened coronavirus positively, Serie A side reported on Wednesday. Following an initial medical review, the unidentified Torino squad member-officially asymptomatic-contracted COVID-19.

Torino reported the primary round of medical tests revealed a positive COVID-19 test by an unnamed player and was placed in quarantine and would be tracked continuously over the subsequent few days.

Torino was one among the clubs raising concerns a few return to competition as Italy is battling an epidemic that has killed nearly 30,000 people within the region.

Turin president Urbano Cairo admitted that there have been “divergent views” in the week, albeit all 20 Series A teams have formally backed the season since March 10 suspended.

Torino Player Under Quarantine.

Series A sides are permitted in the week to resume individual training while maintaining controls over social distance. Both players and staff are checked for swabs and blood tests before opening the door.

It was during the initial screening that consistent with Football Italia, Torino discovered one among its players tested positive for COVID-19. The club isn’t naming the player yet but has confirmed that he has no symptoms and has been placed in quarantine immediately.

This is the primary real test of the medical technique and therefore the resumption of the 2019-20 Series A season, as a successful match game was the nightmare scenario. The procedure had quarantined just one person, while the government-created science committee mandated quarantine of the whole team for 14 days.

Italy will still believe the initiative that the German Government and therefore the Bundesliga have adopted today, which can identify either the player or the team member who tested positive.

The Italian Football Federation (FIGC) will meet with the government’s Technical Scientific Committee on Thursday to debate the community preparation procedure scheduled for May 18.