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Today Inesta’s career would have been at another level

Andres Iniesta is among the foremost successful players within the history of Spanish football. For his time with the national team and Barcelona. After 22 years in Barcelona, where he received the age of 12, Iniesta is currently in Vissel Kobe, Japan.

SPORT had access to the deal Albacete proposed that would have changed the course of his life and of the planet of football. His former club had given him a contract to prevent him from leaving. We wondered just how successful he might be. There, Gines Melendez was the director of the youth academy and did his best to retain Iniesta.

Today Inesta's career would have been at another level  The contract is dated June 6, 1996, a couple of days after the Brunete Alevin tournament had encouraged him. it had been introduced by the club’s President Jose Ramon Remiro Brotons at that point. There was Jose Iniesta Lujan-The legal advisor and father of Andres.

The assumption was that the deal would expire on June 1, 96, with Iniesta receiving a monthly salary at the age of 12. He would move to Albacete from Fuentealvilla too. it had been pesetas because Euro had not yet been invented.
It said that “if he plays a minimum of 10 games of a minimum of 45 minutes within the varsity in any of the contractual seasons, from that date he will draw the wage promised to the professionals within the first two leagues in Spain.” That showed that at 12, they knew he could roll in the hay.

Catalan media has access to the deal Albacete gave him when he was twelve.

The contract was never sealed. He visited Barcelona instead. the remainder is history, then.