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The result wasn’t what satisfied Quique Setien

The result wasn't what satisfied Quique Setien

Barcelona was powerful on Saturday night at Mallorca, however, the result wasn’t what satisfied Quique Setien the most. The Catalan club hit the field, pursuing the restart of LaLiga Santander with a 4-0 victory and opening the scoring after just 65 seconds. In any case, it was Luis Suarez ‘s come back to the pitch, as a second-half substitute, that brought the coach the most pleasure.

“I believe it’s a pleasure to see Luis Suarez again on the pitch. On top of that is the achievement he gave us in his 30 or 35 minutes. He did four, five, or six things to an elevated level. He’s an important player for us. Braithwaite ‘s goal and results, too. It’s a gigantic day for him. The game was played behind closed doors, obviously, and while Setien doesn’t have the foggiest idea how much this affects the team, it’s undeniable he ‘d rather have fans at the Camp Nou than he doesn’t,” Setien answered when asked what he would take from the game.

He said: “Supporters can impact anything. For and against you. I wouldn’t know to what degree it impacts us playing away from home, yet I would prefer to have them at home. You can find support from your supporters in snapshots of uncertainty.”

Ronald Araujo dazzled with Gerard Pique in central resistance, pleasing the chief. “He played a wonderful game,” Setien beamed. He handled everything great and he didn’t attempt to accomplish more than he had to. He could be pleased with his performance and his first start.”

Overall, the 61-year-old leaves the Balearic Islands happy with how his team returned to function.

“We’ve seen a ton of the stuff we’ve always wanted to do. We’ve done a great deal of what we’ve anticipated. Sometimes we’ve given them a chance, however, I’m generally pleased with what I’ve seen,” he said.