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Solskjaer: The new transfer window is going to be a “different place”

Manchester United manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has said the new transfer window is going to be a “different place” thanks to the financial implications of the coronavirus pandemic.

As teams across Europe are bracing for major financial losses thanks to playing games without sponsors and having seasons entirely canceled in some circumstances, the demand for summer transfers is shaping up to be much different than in previous years.

A large investment is probably going to be curtailed, though free-agent transfers and trade transactions are predicted to realize popularity while teams are seeking to spice up their teams cheaply.

Solskjaer: The new transfer window is going to be a "different place"

Solskjaer saw his team connected with multi-star dealings of giant money, including Jack Grealish and Jadon Sancho, but he said he was uncertain about how the sport would perform within the face of such a lot uncertainty.

“We are still trying to form the team solid,” Solskjaer told Sky Sports. “Today the world’s turmoil, nobody knows how sport and economy are going to be, so I’m very happy with the community I’ve received.”The atmosphere is different now than it had been two months ago. we’ve to vary, evolve, there are teams out there that are suffering quite anyone financially. it is a new world, and that I think the transfer market this summer would be completely different from what everyone thought it might be.”

Despite the constant look for replacements on his side, Solskjaer indicated he wouldn’t be disappointed if the likes of Sancho or Grealish hadn’t been brought in thanks to the quantity of talent that was already available to him.

“I think Mason [Greenwood], Anthony [Martial] and Marcus [Rashford] were amazing this season, scored as many as 50 goals between them,” said the Norwegian. “Marcus got his fracture, even Anthony on the thanks to his best season, and Mason’s goal-scoring ability is in fact just a special talent.”