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Scotland: Callum McGregor says team must focus on game plan

Scotland: Callum McGregor says team must focus on game plan

Scotland midfielder Callum McGregor believes that the team has sympathy for the situation in Ukraine but must focus on their game plan for the World Cup playoff semifinal. The match was scheduled for March 24 but was postponed following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. McGregor believes that both teams will have their focus on reaching the playoff final against Wales in Cardiff on Saturday.

“Obviously we understand the situation and we have sympathy for it. You turn on the news every day and something else is happening,” Scotland midfielder Callum McGregor said. “It is a really horrific situation. Ultimately the build-up to the game and most of the talk will probably be around that. But I think it is important as well that we realize we have a job to do. We want to get our country to a major tournament. It is a game of football and when both teams cross the line they will be just as motivated as each other to progress and get to the next stage of the play-off.”

“So, we can’t be thinking about anything else now. Our full focus is the game plan,” he added. “That’s fine. Everybody has got their opinion, that doesn’t bother us at all as a group. We are professional, we have a job to do, as have they. The guys in their camp will be thinking exactly the same, they will be blocking all the noise out from outside and fully focused on their gameplan.”

“When he meets up, naturally the players and everybody will have that chat about the experience, the build-up, the way the game went,” Scotland coach Steven Naismith said. “From now until the game there is a lot of information to the players and that becomes the focus. The disappointment is going to be there but his experience now of these occasions is far greater than anyone else in the squad.”

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