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Rob Edwards: Hamza Choudhary can have a huge impact in Bangladesh

Watford boss Rob Edwards revealed that Hamza Choudhary could have a huge impact on Bangladesh if he elects to represent them at the international level. Choudhary was born in Loughborough and has Grenadian and Sylheti heritage. He revealed that there was a possibility he could play for Bangladesh during a recent interview with Nujum Sports.

“I think it could be a fantastic thing if that’s what he chooses to do. I think he can be a real beacon for young Bangladeshi kids, who could look to him and say I can do that,” Rob Edwards said about Hamza Choudhary. “Hamza can be a real shining light as someone, who can encourage others to take up the sport. If he chooses to do it, I think it could be really positive for a lot of people.”

Choudhary struggled for minutes during his time with Leicester last season but has been an integral part of the Watford team under Rob Edwards. He was met with delight by the South East Asian fans’ group as he became the first British Asian to play for the club.

“He’s been a joy to work with. He is someone who absolutely gives 100 percent every single day. He’s very positive and you can see that in his performances. I can’t speak highly enough of him,” he added. “It was an important event and a good starting point. The idea was to get people in the room talking because that’s how we change things, by all working together and making progress. It’s been amazing working with Watford. It’s almost too easy sometimes because Watford gets it and has been really open to everything I have wanted to do. It’s also amazing for me as a Watford fan to have the club reciprocate that love, I guess.”

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