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Olympic Park will not allow fans presence

Olympic Park will not allow fans presence

Work has started to create a 12-foot fence around the outline of the Olympic Park toward the supporters off on matchdays.

Work has started to manufacture a “steel ring” around the Olympic Park to stop fans from gathering previously, during, or after their remaining Premier League matches near London Stadium in West Ham United.

David Moyes’ side has five home fixtures to satisfy with their first game back against Wolves on Saturday 20 June.

A fence-creating laborer told football. London that it will remain open to free on non-matchdays yet closed the morning before games to keep fans from gathering outside who want to act against government advice.

Clubs and supporters bunches around the nation focused on the importance of fans not appearing outside stadiums, yet London Mayor Sadiq Khan communicated worry for all of the city’s top-flight and Championship clubs.

It’s unclear whether the action at London Stadium is probably going to be replicated somewhere else. Laborers put the fence on the scaffolds from Monday morning towards the stadium.

The club’s and stadium managers have been contacted for input.

West Ham will also have local Chelsea rivals in the E20 on July 1, trailed by home games against Burnley, Watford and Aston Villa.