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HomeEPL English Premier LeagueNeymar called his mother’s boyfriend a “little fag**t.”

Neymar called his mother’s boyfriend a “little fag**t.”

Neymar called his mother’s boyfriend a “little fag**t.”

A Brazilian LGBT activist has held up a lawsuit against Paris Saint-Germain as French teams await the resumption of the Ligue 1, for “homophobia and hatred prompting” with Neymar Jr.

According to the French Press Agency (AFP), the LGBT activist, Agripino Magalhaes, documented a complaint against the Brazilian footballer at the prosecutor’s office in Sao Paulo, after the footballer called his mom’s beau a “little fag**t.” Neymar tossed the affront after the sweetheart of his mom revealed that he was bisexual.

Following the leak of a voice message the Brazilian star had sent to his companions, the homophobic language opened up to the world.

The same source affirmed Neymar ‘s mother, 52-year-old Nadine Goncalves, who made open her relationship with the youngster in no time before the homophobia column.

A prosecutor must investigate the charges, and then decide if to prosecute the Brazilian athlete. On June 8, on his Instagram account, the complainant, Magalhaes, revealed that he planned to record a complaint about “homophobic wrongdoing and induction to hatred.”

Neymar called his mom’s sweetheart Tiago Ramos ‘viadinho,’ a Portuguese hostile word used to allude to homosexuals in Brazil.

It was reputed that the mother of Ramos and Neymar had separated yet it appears they are still in a relationship. Following an accident that brought about the couple ‘s apartment cutting Ramos by a glass, before being taken to hospital by an ambulance.

The audio was posted on Twitch and later was released by Leo Dias on Metropoles, where Neymar is heard threatening the 23-year-old and advising his companion to stab his butt with a broomstick.

Following the occurrence, an LGBT+ organization held up a complaint against Neymar for utilizing the derogatory term ‘viadinho’ (f*g) to allude to Ramos.

In 2019, after a Brazilian woman accused him of raping her in Paris, where he lives, Neymar persevered through another sex-related charge. The case has been closed because of a lack of proof against the PSG star.