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New series of Amazon Prime exposed FIFA scandal

Starting this week the Anew Amazon Prime Video series called “El Presidente” casts a satirical glance at the grimy dealings of South American football through the eyes of deceased previous Argentine football supervisor Julio Grondona.

Grondona was a figure larger than life who had been known as “the godfather” and controlled Argentine football for over 3 decades.

He passed on in 2014 and the eight-part series, planned to stream from Friday on Amazon’s video administration, has Grondona after death describes stories about grimy deals with football.

“I think that it is exceptionally intriguing to imagine Don Julio recounting the story from the opposite side. Because he is telling it in a relaxed manner, having lived it and having nothing to lose”, told the creator of the series, director and executive maker, Reuters Armando Bo.

New series of Amazon Prime exposed FIFA scandal

The Argentine-Chilean co-creation is based upon Sergio Jadue’s real-life rise and fall. In 2011 it was shot to unmistakable quality as Chilean Football Association president. Jade became an informant of the debasement scandal encompassing the game’s overseeing body at FIFA and pleaded blameworthy to the racketeering and wire fraud conspiracy while winning Copa America.

In 2015 the FIFA morals panel banned him forever.

Karla Souza, Andres Parra, Paulina Gaitan has shot the series. The series features Luis Margani as Grondona in several urban communities in Latin America, Europe, and the United States.

The trio has also shot How to Get Away With Murder, Pablo Escobar: The Drug Lord, and Narcos individually.