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Moyes fuming West Ham loss with VAR decision

Moyes fuming West Ham loss with VAR decision

VAR ‘s choice not to disallow the opener for a handball by Tottenham in their 2-0 win over West Ham left David Moyes raging.

Moyes told Sky Sports: “They controlled it as a target, I can’t accept. Do the principles state they disallow any handball that leads to a goal? For that, they have a brilliant goal governed against Sheffield United-so they have n’t sifted through this one? What was tonight on VAR?”

“They need compliant, I know. Not all that sweet, huh? That is the standard.

It is anything but a generally excellent standard, I assume, however that’s the law. Not giving them this tonight? I could barely handle it. I could barely handle it.”

Moyes later added in his post-match public interview: “I thought any ball that hit an arm would get chalked off and prompted a goal. My inquiry is who made the choice? We scored an exceptionally pleasant goal in the 90th moment at Sheffield United and the kid said it was handball and we didn’t trust it.”

“Do I believe that is a fair standard? I don’t. No. Everything that was on VAR tonight wasn’t carrying out his responsibility well and he didn’t follow the criteria that we were told to deal with.”