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Michael Jackson: Sean Dyche sacking left everyone at Burnley stunned

Michael Jackson: Sean Dyche sacking left everyone at Burnley stunned

Burnley’s caretaker boss Michael Jackson revealed that the sacking of Sean Dyche left everyone at the club stunned. He was sacked with the club in 18th place and four points from safety. Jackson was in charge for their Premier League game against West Ham he revealed that there was no indication that would be the case prior to the game. He hopes that everyone at the club can help keep the club in the top flight.

“I came in for the morning to prepare for the U23s game and the chairman called me into his office and I was told about it then. I was told this is what’s happening,” Michael Jackson said after the sacking of Sean Dyche. “It has come as a shock to the players, that’s human nature. They are an experienced group, they’ve come together and now for us, it’s about the whole club coming together, all the fans, and just bunkering in and concentrating on what we need to do.”

“He [Dyche] has built the club but built a culture and identity, and that is really difficult to do in football sometimes,” he added. “The job he has done, you only have to listen to some of the interviews with other managers and his peers, to know what they think of him. It is sad but they should be remembered for what they’ve done for this club. I’m sure the fans will remember that too. When I look at it, you only have to look back a few games ago when they had a run of three games – Spurs, Brighton, and Palace – when the group put a run together. Then there was the comeback against Everton. There is a lot of good here and it is reminding the group about what we are good at doing, about reminding them what the identity of Burnley is.”

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