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Meo Reveals Why Chellini Hates Him

Felipe Melo hit Georgio Chiellini again following the analysis of the Juventus star in his most recent book. In his history, the Italian hit out at Melo and Mario Balotelli, saying that the previous Inter midfielder was “the most noticeably terrible of the most noticeably terrible” while considering him a “red apple” and “ill-bred.”

Melo, in actuality, answered saying that when the two met, Chiellini “p*ssed himself with dread.”

Balotelli, who Chiellini called a “miscreant,” has since let bygones be bygones with his previous Italian partner after the two on Italian TV worked out the issue.

However, Melo is in no rush to end his contention with the Juventus star as he declared quite a long while back that the foundation of their issue with one another is a headbutt.

Meo Reveals Why Chellini Hates Him

“He’s simply having an issue with me, since when we played against Siena, I headbutted him,” Melo said live on Instagram.

“Chiellini never pardoned me, yet that is acceptable, as long as he assumes liability for what he said. He was essentially working up this debate to sell his book.”

Melo likewise opened up on his move from Galatasaray to Inter, uncovering that joining the Italian side was a dream notwithstanding having recently spoken to Juventus and Fiorentina in Serie A.

“Since youth, entomb had been my fantasy,” he said. “I left a mark on the world at Galatasaray and it was unreasonably agreeable for me to remain there on the grounds that I was an icon for those fans. I ‘d simply marked another three-year bargain however went to Inter, accepting a half decrease in salary, an ardent choice. At the point when I was at Fiorentina, Jose Mourinho and others had just attempted to get me to Inter, however, unfortunately, I went to Juve. I never talked inadequately of Juve yet it was the outright rush for me to exit at San Siro in the Milan derby wearing the Inter shirt.”