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Marchisio: People should not until there are zero risks

Former Juventus player Claudio Marchisio encourages Series A to restart during the pandemic as too many of us believe the game and ‘no danger is unlikely.’ within the next 24 hours, a choice is anticipated on whether the govt approves the FIGC medical protocol, which might open up to contact training and possibly sports.

“At this moment, football is stuck within the grips of this example just an equivalent as the other career,” Marchisio said to Tuttosport.

Marchisio believes that football is one of the highest 10 industries during this country, with a really significant financial contribution involving millions. Even the athletes, who have very different financial viewpoints, then the workers who depend upon the game for the livelihood.

“The Players’ Union had initially been hesitant to return to figure, but they’re now able to finalize the protocol.”I hope we will revisit to playing early because I’m an optimist, I really like football and genuinely miss it,” Marchisio added.

Marchisio: People should not until there are zero risks

Marchisio says that he doesn’t want people to attend until there are zero risks because the likelihood of contagion is high. And during a sport like a football that does not happen.

“We need to attempt to arrange it to will the danger the maximum amount as possible, but if we await it to be nil, we’ll never more play”: Marchisio said.

However, the govt and, especially, Sports Minister Vincenzo Spadafora still press for the top of the 2019-20 season, following the instance of League 1.

Marchisio says that it’s the judgment that must be respected, on the other hand the state would still need to take responsibility for ensuring the industry won’t go under. He believes that a lot of football teams would go bankrupt if they stopped playing and it’ll not only affect the player but everybody who makes this business work.