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Liverpool fans would love him back – Heskey

Liverpool fans would welcome Philippe Coutinho back to the club with great enthusiasm, says Emile Heskey, and in spite of his battles in Barcelona, the Brazilian playmaker is as yet viewed as a “wizard”

A 2018 transfer to Camp Nou didn’t play out as the South American rogue had trusted. After leaving Merseyside for Catalunya, Coutinho followed the dream, however, a spell with La Liga giants before long became a nightmare – with a season-long loan at Bayern Munich battling to wake him from his sleep.

Another move for the 28-year-old is currently being mooted, with the Premier League considered his most probable destination. Many England teams are associated with developments to land a player who starred at Anfield during a beneficial five-year spell.

Liverpool has yet to show their hand, with many proposing that the Reds have proceeded onward and don’t have to construct spans with a player who has constrained their way through the exit.

In any case, Heskey accepts that Coutinho will even now offer a bounty to a side that lacked a creative No.10 in his absence, with affectionate recollections of his 54 goals despite everything kept, and 45 assists for the Reds.

Previous Liverpool striker Heskey told Sky Sports: “What he did was amazing while he was with the Reds. He’s a fantastic player and everything positive Liverpool went through him at the time. That’s how I think he ‘d be greeted back at Liverpool wholeheartedly and the fans couldn’t want anything more than to have him back-however do you understand that same player back? Generally, you simply ask any Liverpool fan, they ‘d love to have Coutinho back there and that wizard playing in the midfield.”

Heskey added: “On the off chance that you take a gander at Philippe Coutinho, he was the main player at Liverpool and he imagined that way a great deal of the great stuff experienced him. At the point when he’s gone to Barcelona where you have Lionel Messi as an afterthought and you get secondary or sometimes third or fourth in line then it can mark your certainty a bit, especially when you’ve originated from a team where the emphasis is on all of you. You have to change your game and sometimes players can’t do it and then go to Bayern, it may probably be the same. They have players in there that are demonstrated who recognize what they want to do so he must fit in with that and sometimes it’s troublesome.”