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HomeEPL English Premier LeagueLionel Messi claims that Lautaro Martinez is an “impressive striker”

Lionel Messi claims that Lautaro Martinez is an “impressive striker”

Lionel Messi gave an interview where he discussed Lautaro Martinez ‘s reports to stop Inter for Barcelona.

Messi doesn’t regularly give interviews yet for this situation he talked about Lautaro Martinez with Sport and Mundo Deportivo. This is what Messi needed to state with respect to the bits of gossip:

Lionel Messi says that Lautaro Martinez, a since quite a while ago reputed Barcelona’s goal, is an “amazing striker” as the Inter legend is by all accounts connected to La Liga’s side.

Lionel Messi claims that Lautaro Martinez is an “impressive striker”

For a long time Martinez has been connected to Barca, scoring 16 goals for Inter in 31 games this season. Despite the fact that Messi says he doesn’t know whether bits of gossip are valid, the Barca star says he’ll be glad to play with his comrade at the Camp Nou.

I am being honest when I state that I don’t have the foggiest idea whether there were or are discussions right now for him. I have no clue. I think I have just said it.

Lautaro is a stunning striker, or more all since I think he is finished number nine. He’s enormous spills well, scores goals, realizes how to ensure the ball. Be that as it may, we should perceive what occurs with him and with different names they are stating,” said Messi to Mundo Deportivo.

The commander of Argentina and FC Barcelona additionally remarked on the new transfer marker:

“There are a couple of individuals at the club who are responsible for the topic of signings and they are the ones who select who they believe is useful for the group. The circumstance we are will make the market somewhat odd and the should make certain with how we improve.”