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Inter have a smart plan for Vidal

Barcelona and Inter Milan have been battling about Lautaro Martinez for quite a long time.

The Catalan club wants the Argentine striker, who has a fixed release clause, and by tossing various combinations of their squad individuals on the Italian side they are attempting to bring down the rate.

It could eventually demonstrate effective, at least in knocking off the final expense of €20 m or something like that, contingent upon which individuals from the bloated Barca squad Inter have an enthusiasm for.

Inter have a smart plan for Vidal

In any case, Sport today takes note that the side of Antonio Conte wants a side deal for Arturo Vidal to be negotiated.

The midfielder has a deal that lapses the following summer and is past 30 years. This makes him a low-value target, and Inter wants to finish up a cheap, separate side-deal for the previous Juventus man instead of allowing his value to get inflated as an individual from a Martinez part-exchange deal.

It’s a sharp idea, frankly, and Barca will revile their karma they haven’t managed to pirate the Chilean star out of the club as part of their dream forward package.