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Impact of Covid19 on International Football Calender

Coronavirus is highly contagious with the risk of causing serious respiratory illnesses and immediately affects governments and public health systems. The government has responded by declaring a national and international public health emergency and taking urgent steps to prevent and limit the epidemic.

The coronavirus has suffered a global crisis and unfortunately, football has not been able to sustain itself due to infectious effects. Even if the virus does not discriminate and are more fit athletes, football players are more likely to be infected with the coronavirus.

A member of the UEFA Executive Committee says the coronavirus can affect the international football calendar “two to three years.” Lars-Christer Olson, president of the European Leagues, said the outcome of the epidemic, especially at the 2022 Qatar World Cup, is a “wait and see” case.

Impact of Covid19 on International Football Calender

Olson said he “sees a situation where the current season is not over except for starting a new season.” After the worldwide football suspension and the delays of Euro 2020 and Euro 2021, during the Soserrex webinar, they thought about how much of an impact the international calendar would have. “Probably two or three years, I’ll assume,” he told ESPN.

He had previously told BBC Radio 5 Live Breakfast that there was “no agreement” between nations to finish the domestic season, as each nation faces different circumstances of viruses and policy decisions.