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“I will no longer watch a football”- Donald Trump

"I will no longer watch a football"- Donald Trump

President Donald Trump isn’t pleased with the US Soccer Federation ‘s choice to lift a ban on stooping players.

Donald Trump says that if athletes are absent for the national anthem, he won’t watch NFL or USA soccer matches.

The United States Soccer Federation (USSF) cast a ballot this week to evacuate standard expecting players to stand up before games while playing The Star-Spangled Banner.

USSF adopted this strategy after Megan Rapinoe bowed in solidarity with Colin Kaepernick who stooped without precedent for 2016 to fight police viciousness and black individuals’ foundational foul play and minority individuals in America.

Republican congressman Matt Gaetz tweeted on Thursday: “I would favor the US not to have a soccer team, rather than a soccer team that won’t stand for the National Anthem.”

President Trump reacted to a tweet with a story about Gaetz ‘s remarks by posting: “I will no longer watch a football!”

In light of another tweet on the topic, Trump expressed: “And it would seem that the NFL is heading toward that path too, yet not watching with me!”

"I will no longer watch a football"- Donald Trump

The topic of bowing became again a hot subject after last month ‘s death of George Floyd while in Minneapolis police custody.

Several prominent NFL players, including Patrick Mahomes and Michael Thomas, created an amazing video calling on the league to denounce racism and acknowledge that it was off-base “to quiet our players from peacefully dissenting.’

Additionally, a video from NFL chief Roger Goodell said the NFL was “off-base not to tune in to NFL players earlier,” as he said they had the option to dissent peacefully.

Although there was no immediate reference to taking a knee or not standing for the anthem, Trump repeated his situation on the matter.

He tweeted: “Might it be able to be even remotely conceivable that in the rather intriguing statement of peace and reconciliation by Roger Goodell, he intimated that it would now be O.K. for KNEEL ‘s players, or not, to stand for the National Anthem, in this way slighting our nation and our flag?”

Drew Brees apologized after reprimanding players bowing during the anthem, saying he understood that the dissent type was “not an American flag issue.”