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“I know it is challenging, but it’s not impossible”: Keylor Navas

According to goalkeeper Keylor Navas, Paris Saint-Germain is motivated in their search to win the main Champions League title.

In each of the last eight versions of the tournament, the Ligue 1 champions have reached the knockout stage, yet have battled to advance past the quarter-finals.

Their series of defeats incorporates Barcelona’s staggering 6-5 aggregate defeat in 2017 and their 2019 exit to Manchester United notwithstanding being 3-1 up with an hour to play.

Having advanced past Borussia Dortmund to reach the 2019-20 Champions League quarter-finals, Navas feels that PSG is prepared to challenge the ultimate prize.

"I know it is challenging, but it's not impossible": Keylor Navas

“I realize it is challenging, yet it’s certainly feasible. And we’re ready to contend in this challenge,” Navas told the official site of PSG.

Since the subsequent leg home victory against Dortmund at Parc des Princes on March 11, PSG hasn’t played a match.

With the season of the Ligue 1 canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic, PSG has been awarded the residential championship-their seventh league title in the course of the last eight seasons.

Navas admitted the football break will probably observe the players corroded when they return, yet he had worked harder than ever to get back more grounded and avoid injury.

“We’ll take some time to get a move on because we’re all physically solid. We, the goalkeepers, have a particular task. In any case, without a moment’s delay, if the physical wellness is solid, it will allow me to turn into a cat on my target line,” Navas said.

The new season for the Ligue 2 will start in mid-August with the dates mooted prone to be the 22nd or 23rd of that month.