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I feels fit and safe says Elliott Bennett

Blackburn captain Elliott Bennett says he feels fit and safe after revealing he was one of just three positive coronavirus samples in the latest test round of the Championship. Bennett and two unidentified Fulham players tried positive for Covid-19.

Between the current week’s Monday and Wednesday, the English Football League affirmed 1,030 samples from players and staff at second-level clubs were gathered, with three positive outcomes originating from different sides.

On Monday, Blackburn announced Bennett had been screened and found to have Covid-19, however, he was asymptomatic.

The club said he will currently isolate himself for seven days and profit to training for June 5 except if he keeps on creating symptoms.

I feels fit and safe says Elliott Bennett

“I feel better and safe. Perhaps this sends a solid message to the world that so others do or have had the infection without having any results. On the off chance that we had not come back to school and taken the exams, I could never have known, as I don’t feel unwell and have no symptoms at all. There appears to have been a great deal of speculation over the arrival of footballers to the school, however, that’s not a serious deal. It is the individuals in the hospital who are critically sick that we have to consider, not the footballers who are fit and safe, and who give no indications of being unwell,” Bennett said.

Fulham also revealed that two of their players had tried positive yet because of medical confidentiality they didn’t name them.

The discoveries, indicating that well over 99.5 percent of those checked were negative, are one more lift to the Championship restart plans, with the opposition expected to continue sooner or later one month from now.

The Premier League announced on Thursday that it had settled on a provisional restart date for the June 17, 2019-20, season.