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George Baldock: Paul Heckingbottom saved the Blades’ season

George Baldock: Paul Heckingbottom saved the Blades' season

George Baldock revealed exactly how Paul Heckingbottom saved the Blades’ season as they battle to make the playoffs. Sheffield was relegated from their second in the Premier League after securing only 23 points. This tally represented the seventh-lowest points total in the history of the Premier League. They managed just seven wins and two draws with 29 defeats a joint record for most losses in a season.

“I’d be lying if I said there was a happy atmosphere at the club at that time – there wasn’t. We had such a good time during the first season in the Premier League and everything was sunshine and rainbows. Last year was tough, especially with the manager [Wilder] going. I had a special relationship with him for so long, but when Paul Heckingbottom came in, he really raised everyone’s spirits,” George Baldock said about Paul Heckingbottom. “He wouldn’t allow anyone to get down and feel sorry for themselves. The season was done, in terms of relegation, and it was just about restoring some pride. We won a few games, which was pleasing, and we started to look a bit more like ourselves. It gave us a chance to prepare for returning to the Championship, but there was the element of the unknown as well because we didn’t know who was going to be the manager, what philosophy would be in place, and things like that.”

“It was just frustrating to get off to such a slow start this year and play catch-up all year,” he added. I’ve not got a bad word to say about him [Jokanovic]. He was really good, really professional and he obviously knows his stuff. He’s a very well-respected manager. But I’ve been at Sheffield United for five seasons and I know what the fans expect.”

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