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Henri on racism in social networks: I’ve had enough of this chatter.

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Former Arsenal striker Thierry Henry, who quit social media due to bigotry, has spoken out on the topic of insults on social media.

“It didn’t begin yesterday or the day before that. It continues indefinitely. Racism originated from the stands in rugby. There are several stories. I have them, as everybody else does.

But I say, we say, I say, we say, I say, we say. “What was that?” “How do you feel? ” Did you sleep well that night?” ” What thoughts did you wake up with?” I’m talking, we’re talking, I’m talking, we’re talking – I’ve had enough. I’ve had enough of this chatter. They ask me, and I say” Turn on the video from five years ago.”

There is freedom of speech. However, you are not permitted to yell at an airport, a movie theatre, or a police station. In my opinion, there should be accountability.”

Often people use nicknames to hide something that is going on in their country or somewhere that they do not wish to be discovered. That’s fine. But if the nicknames are used wrongly, you need a way to work out who holds the account so that there are repercussions,” Henri explained.

Henri resigned from social media in protest. He will not return until they are tougher on bigotry and insults.

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