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Declan Rice: England deserve more credit for World Cup performances

England midfielder Declan Rice believes they deserve more credit for their performances in the World Cup. With two victories and a draw against Iran, the United States, and Wales, the Three Lions easily won Group B and earned their greatest group stage point total at a World Cup since 2006. Other World Cup hopefuls including Argentina, France, and Belgium also suffered shocking group stage losses, and Rice has lauded his teammates’ concentration in a challenging group ahead of Sunday’s match against Senegal.

“Last night’s France loss to Tunisia was not anything I saw. There have been a lot of surprises in this event, according to the results I watched. Nothing should be taken for granted. That explains why we’re succeeding and perhaps why we don’t receive the credit we deserve,” England midfielder Declan Rice said. “We could have faced a tough situation in any of the three games, but we came out on top in each one. Although we have witnessed powerful nations fall, we have not placed ourselves in a precarious situation. The gang has always seemed in our control. Your level increases as you start to play better teams. You want to participate in these games to make lasting memories. For those kinds of contests, we’ll be prepared.”

“We will always be observed by other countries, and given the caliber of our team, why shouldn’t we be feared? We have world-class, amazing talent in every area of our attacking players. We also have players on the entire team who have taken home the major awards,” he added. “We must demonstrate on the field that we are among the top teams in this area. Teams like the French have consistently won the World Cup. We now wish to alter that. We want to demonstrate our presence to all those powerful countries. We want to advance all the way; we are not here for the round of 16.”

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