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Cristiano Ronaldo returned to Continassa after 72 days

Following 72 days of absence from J Village, Juventus talisman Cristiano Ronaldo has come back to Continassa experiencing medical tests before continuing training. The Portuguese striker traveled to Madeira after Juventus beat Inter 2-0 on March 8 to find that Series A had been suspended and teammate Daniele Rugani had tried coronavirus decidedly.

The previous Manchester United and Real Madrid star left Italy not long after the coronavirus pandemic had caused Serie A to be suspended. His home island of Madeira held him in lockdown for the vast majority of the past two months, with Ronaldo remaining at Funchal ‘s family home just because to keep an eye on his mother before proceeding onward to his Canical villa.

Cristiano Ronaldo returned to Continassa after 72 days

Ronaldo remained in his family’s business in Portugal for two months and was isolated throughout the previous fourteen days after coming back to Turin.

He came back to Turin on May 5 in any case, where he had to go through 14 days in quarantine to agree to national safety efforts expected to forestall further transmission of the disease.

That time will end on Monday, leaving Portugal free on the training ground to join his colleagues. Practices at Juventus started on an individual basis with players in this first phase towards restarting operations in the nation carefully following social distancing steps.

Today the superstar will experience the medical tests required for resumption at J Medical and return just because since the stop to Continassa.

June 13 was recorded as a potential return date for Series A, however much will depend on the result of thorough testing that will be carried out by all clubs to guarantee that their squads remain infection-free.