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Crawley Town part company with John Yems amid racism allegations

Crawley Town part company with John Yems amid racism allegations

Crawley Town has announced that they have parted ways with John Yems after its investigation into a number of racist allegations against him. The investigation was conducted after a player alleged that the changing room was segregated on racial grounds. He alleged that players from ethnic minorities were made to change away from their white teammates. Seven Crawley players have since come forward with allegations that Yems used discriminatory language against them.

“Our investigation has concluded as it pertains to our evaluation of John Yems’ employment status with the club; however, we are continuing to coordinate and work in cooperation with The FA as it continues in its investigation,” Crawley Town said in a statement concerning John Yems.

“We’re looking forward to the next era of Crawley Town Football Club. We have an opportunity to build on more than 125 years of rich history and take this club to the next level,” Preston Johnson, co-chairman of Crawley Town FC said. “We’re eager to partner with our players and supporters as we build a team and community that Red Devils fans can continue to be proud of – both on and off the pitch.”

“I’m not sure there will be very many people who will welcome the tone of Crawley’s statement which talks about a positive future and the rich history of the past. The history that people connected with football and Crawley Town that I’ve been speaking to in the last few days are concerned with is the recent history and the serious allegations against John Yems,” Rob Dorsett said. “I think it would be incredibly naïve to think that those issues would just be going away and ignored now that John Yems has left his role as manager of Crawley. Crucially, there’s no reference in that statement to the serious allegations that were leveled to Crawley Town’s manager.”

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