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Chelsea: Thomas Tuchel says its hard only to focus on football

Chelsea: Thomas Tuchel says its hard only to focus on football

Chelsea boss Thomas Tuchel it is hard to only focus on football amid Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Roman Abramovich has been sanctioned by the UK Government which has resulted in the billionaire’s assets being frozen. The sanctions are intended to stop Abramovich from making money in the UK but have granted the club a special license to fulfill their fixture list. Staff are set to be paid their wages while season ticket holders will be allowed to attend matches.

“Maybe it has never been more true to live in the moment because everything else seems very, very difficult,” Chelsea boss Thomas Tuchel said. “To understand the situation feels very difficult, to see where it is going is maybe impossible. So in the end we stick to the mantra to live in the moment and worship where we are. It is not easy, but it is out of our control. Sometimes it makes things more difficult, but sometimes more easy to accept we cannot do anything at the moment, to wait and to constantly adapt.”

“I was actually coming here to the training ground to prepare for the match, to prepare myself to hop on the bus to go to the airport and fly to Norwich,” he added. “Honestly for me personally I felt like when I was on the plane, and we were flying, with my headphones on, with space to myself to digest it, I was feeling very privileged to have the chance to be a coach and to coach a Premier League match. I felt very grateful for that.”

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