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Celtic: Ange Postecoglou reveals some of the pressures managers face

Celtic: Ange Postecoglou reveals some of the pressures managers face

Celtic boss Ange Postecoglou revealed the pressures faced by football managers along with explaining the balance needed between work life and family life. He believes that social media is having an impact on mental health as part of a talk during Mental Health Awareness Week. The Australian joined Celtic in the summer and has led them to the Scottish Premiership title.

“It’s not a change of job. It’s a lifestyle choice. You’re literally 24/7. It’s just that kind of occupation, and I’ve heard managers who say they try and switch off, but the reality is it’s very difficult to,” Celtic boss Ange Postecoglou said. “I’ve often said to young managers who get into it, that you have got to understand that if you don’t embrace that side of it and learn to manage that side of it, you’re going to find the existence very difficult because there is never a moment where you can switch your phone off because there could be a critical bit of news coming down that line and you’ve got to be responsible for it. So, you’ve constantly got to be on alert.”

“You’ve got to also make sure that you’re dividing time to them because ultimately, they’re making the sacrifices, when I talk about lifestyle choice, it’s not a lifestyle choice for me. It’s a lifestyle choice for the family,” he added. “Having a strong family unit and again, embracing that this is a lifestyle that we’re going to go down. It definitely helps. You always have this competitive streak inside you. And again, something I tell young managers is that the pain of a loss in your first year doesn’t diminish as the years go on. You know, you still feel it. But you know, it’s something that you kind of hope you learn to deal with better as you get older.”

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