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Buaksib Fantasy Gaming - Best Fantasy Gaming App in India | Live PSL App Buaksib Fantasy Gaming - Best Fantasy Gaming App in India | Live PSL App

Fantasy Sports

Fantasy Sports is an online sports game that has recently swept India. In India, cricket is almost a religion, and FANTASY CRICKET is the...

Fantasy Sports

It’s time to praise the spirit of oneness and celebrate the vibrant democracy that is India on this Republic Day. Furthermore, buaksib is providing...

Fantasy Sports

The most popular and best fantasy game app at this time is Dream 11. It is a game of skill where you create a...

Fantasy Sports

Success can only be found by persevering through failure and Yahya Ibrahim aka The Fantasy Cricket Guru is one such story. After college, the...

Sports has always been an integral part of Indian Culture with cricket being the most popular of all the sports. India has millions of cricket fans across the country with football gaining popularity over the past couple of decades. Fans have searched for various routes of engagement with fantasy sports being a fairly popular one. Fantasy sports have seen a huge rise in popularity over the last couple of years. In 2016 when only 2 million were playing it, that number has increased to 100 million and growing. This rise could be attributed to the increase in the use of smartphones across the country.

The pandemic in 2020 has been a strange year for fantasy sports in India. The country went into full lockdown with restrictions put in place that deprived the fans of enjoying sports to the fullest. Once sporting events began behind closed doors, the fans were forced to engage on the internet. This opportunity was capitalized on by a number of fantasy companies. The rise in the number of fantasy websites even gave rise to a number of platforms that helped the fans pick out the best websites and apps available for fantasy sports in India.

It will only gain popularity in the future with industry experts forecasting the industry to be worth USD 3.7 Billion by 2024. Despite 100 million users in 2020, the potential users available is huge. From the current users, their involvement in other fantasy games and leagues is only going to grow. Another big reason behind the popularity of fantasy sports in India is that gambling is banned in India. The rise is similar to the legality of participating in the national lottery in the country and as more people learn about fantasy sports, the number of users will only increase.