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Cagliari Lost Over Verona

Cagliari Lost Over Verona

The Italian championship continued on Saturday, after a break due to the coronavirus pandemic. Verona came into the championship continuation with a 2-1 win over Cagliari at home.

Samuel Di Carmine had been the house side’s twofold scorer. He scored the primary goal in the fourteenth moment with a five-meter header and shook Cagliari’s net in the 26th moment with a ground-breaking and exact shot from more than 20 meters. Borini started carelessly in the 35th moment and got a straight red card. In the 43rd moment, the visitors took advantage of the numerical advantage when Argentinean Giovanni Simeone scored a goal.

Cagliari was left with ten on the field in the 70th moment, however, because Cigarini earned the subsequent yellow card.

Verona came in seventh with 38 points with her tenth championship victory and just one point separates her from 6th placed Napoli and a place in next season’s European League draw. Cagliari endured his tenth misfortune and stayed with 32 points in twelfth place.

After a three-and-a-half-month hiatus caused by the Covid-19 disease pandemic, which claimed in excess of 34,000 lives on the Apennine Peninsula, two of the remaining four Series A 25th round games on Saturday continued the Italian Football Championship.

Torino and Parma were allowed to play their first football match in Italy after a hundred days of constrained rest, and the duel finished in a 1-1 draw.

Torino came near expanding the lead of the visitors when, after a pass through the center, he got himself totally unmarked before the goal however lifted the ball over Luigi Sepe and it was a piece too high and hit the bar.

With 28 points, Torino remained in the fifteenth position, three points above the relegation zone, while Parma bounced to 7th with 36 points.

On Sunday, Atalanta – Sassuolo (19.30) and Inter – Sampdoria (21.45) will play the remainder of the 25th round.

All matches of the Italian football championship continuation are played without the nearness of the spectators at the stands.