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Arteta reveals how Ozil can reclaim Arsenal spot

Arteta reveals how Ozil can reclaim Arsenal spot

Mikel Arteta says that when he demonstrates he wants to perform at his top level, Mesut Ozil will be back in his Arsenal Team.

For Wednesday night’s 3-0 misfortune at Manchester City, the German was kept separate from the matchday squad, with Arteta later saying that he had been left in London for ‘tactical reasons.’

Speaking to the press on Thursday night ahead of Brighton’s Saturday game, Arsenal’s head coach elaborated on his grounds to discard Ozil from his squad and affirmed that he wanted to see a greater amount of the 31-year-old in training.

Arteta said, “From day one, I had been unguarded with Mesut. I thought he was fit and he was willing, since I joined, and he wanted to perform at the level he can do. The second I see he’s able to do that again I’m going to treat him like every other person. I think I was more than legitimate with him and I believe he’s reacted the way I want to in many games. That is it.”

When asked why he thinks Ozil hasn’t been at the necessary degree of training after the players came back from lockdown, Arteta added: “a great deal’s happened to him in the course of the last scarcely any weeks and I must regard the time for each team. They also need a touch of time. It’s been hard training in the course of the last two months to prepare players and again, I’m the first to want Mesut at its best. At the point when I figure he can put forth a valiant effort, I’ll put him on the pitch.”

The defeat of Arsenal on Wednesday night leaves them ninth in the table ahead of the outing to Brighton on Saturday, eight points ahead of fourth-placed Chelsea and five in fifth behind Manchester United.

With just nine games remaining in the league, they look increasingly improbable to qualify for the Champions League-however Arteta isn’t ready to surrender at this time.