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Arsenal: LGBT+ supporters’ group praises club after fans ejected

Arsenal: LGBT+ supporters' group praises club after fans ejected

Arsenal was praised for their strong response by their LGBT+ supporter group after two supporters were ejected from the Emirates. The duo was ejected after the stewards responded to a complaint from the fans. The club revealed that an investigation is underway to find more culprits. Carl Fearn, co-chair of Gay Gooners has been working closely with the club and praised the positive response.

“The speed and direct nature of the statement is very pleasing. Whilst we worked with the club yesterday on the statement, we wanted to make sure it came from the club and that we’re not seen as the ‘gay police’ as it were, because that just opens us up for all sorts of abuse,” Carl Fearn said about the response from Arsenal on the LGBT+ abuse. “We work efficiently and quietly with the club to get these things out there and the club was very good. We’re all football fans together at the end of the day. Once that final whistle is blown – yes, we lost – but be a fellow football fan, we shouldn’t hate each other. We just basically say, ‘fight the good fight’. We just continue. We just continue trying to get the message across that we’re Arsenal fans just like any others and we have every right to attend the games without fear.”

“They have made it very clear that they will not tolerate it if somebody is basically found guilty of it,” he added. “It’s going to take several years of effort. Our primary aim is to make football a good, safe experience, make sure that people are all treated equally, and nobody’s treated any differently because of who they are. But I can see it taking several years. It seems we just have to keep chipping away at the mine face basically.”

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