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‘Age is only a number’: Dani Alves

'Age is only a number': Dani Alves

Former Juventus wing-back Dani Alves plays with Milan, claiming that at San Siro he would be ‘a star’: ‘Age is only a number.’

The 37-year-old, Daniel Alves is the most decorated player in football history with in excess of 40 trophies, the second most decorated defender of all time in European rivalries with nine European medals, placing him on the all-time list alongside Paolo Maldini. He won the title in Spain, Italy, and France and gathered a total of 40 senior-level trophies, came back to São Paulo ahead of last season.

The right-back finished his 17-year-long stay in Europe after leaving Juventus for Paris Saint-Germain however says he will in any case have the option to contribute at Italy’s top level.

Alves is an aggressive right-back or wing-back, known in particular for his speed, stamina, overlapping attacking runs, and technical aptitudes that also allow him to play in the midfield or as a winger; he is also honored with great intersection accuracy and appropriation, enabling him to associate with midfielders, making him a successful assistant on the correct flank.

He told Hoy No Se Sale, a Spanish broadcast: “I would be a star in Milan today. Age is only a number and when I play football I despite everything want to fight.I’ve been running 12 kilometers for every game previously however the smart thing is running only eight. Be that as it may, one thing I am certain is: I would prefer not to be ashamed of being on the pitch. I will resign when I can’t do it anymore.”