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Ada Hegerberg: I never imagined I’d reach Champions League final again

Ada Hegerberg: I never imagined I'd reach Champions League final again

Lyon striker Ada Hegerberg said that she never imagined being in the Champions League final again after reaching a low point. Hegerberg revealed she feels like a kid again after putting 20 months of injury struggles behind her. She was the Ballon d’Or winner when she ruptured her ACL in January 2020. After recovering and returning to training, she fractured her tibia.

“It’s everything to me, I feel like a kid going to training every day. I never imagined myself being in this position a year ago. Obviously, I was dreaming to get myself through those tough moments, but it’s just such a joy. With all the hard work and the disappointments… we’ve come a long way. On a personal level, the past months and past weeks have been a joy and now being able to play another final again,” Ada Hegerberg said about the Champions League. “I’m not going to hide there were moments I was at a very low point. I never stopped believing and I always had faith in order to get back again. It’s something crazy that happens in your brain in tough moments, the focus shifts. I got through it and it made me stronger in many ways – as a woman but also as a footballer. Now I’m here for another ride, the second part of my career. It’s cool.”

“I don’t think people have forgotten how good we are, people never forget history,” she added. “Barcelona won deservedly last season but history is well printed into these walls here. It’s all about repeating, that’s the most difficult thing in sports today, to stay on top year-in, year-out. It’s important to look yourself in the mirror, analyze and see how we can do things differently in order to become top dog.”

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