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A New Coronavoirus Case found in Brighton

The unnamed player, who will now be isolating himself for 14 days, was screened on Saturday-two other players tested positive within the pandemic earlier.

Brighton players are training on the training ground separately and therefore the club is promising that this may be allowed to continue.

It didn’t take long for the conspiracy theorists to means that Brighton was vocal in their opposition to playing games on neutral venues and wondering if there was a connection between that and therefore the Covid-19 positive test.

Premier League clubs are expected to satisfy on Monday to debate their latest Restart Project plan further.

A New Coronavoirus Case found in Brighton

“It is alarming,” said Paul Barber, chief executive of Brighton, to Sky Sports. “We also suffered from another player testing positive for the virus, given all the steps we’ve taken within the past few weeks, where the players haven’t been involved in any meaningful training in the least .”

Responding to the Brighton player’s report, Norwich’s midfielder Todd Cantwell, 22, tweeted: “We are just people too.”

A third Brighton player was also diagnosed with the coronavirus, the club said. The players’ names had not been released, two had been diagnosed before, and a 3rd had been positive on a Saturday test they conducted at the club. it’ll be got to quarantine the whole team, the BBC reported.

The Premier League has been suspended since March 13 but plans to restart in June, behind closed doors, with most teams having nine games left to play.

This doesn’t pay any attention to the professionalism of the medical staff involved-who communicated with one another throughout the Premier League to debate a restart prospect.

English clubs will decide this season’s fate on Monday and therefore the idea of continuous the championship by playing on neutral ground, Wembley presumably. Brighton and 4 other clubs reject the continuation of the championship.