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Rules From COVID19

Football will have changed tons by the time it returns from this COVID-19 induced break and a spread of latest rules are to be enforced.

The first signs of those changes, consistent with Marca, are seen as players have begun individualized training in the week. Five replacements are likely to be allowed and 23 players are going to be within the matchday squads.

Rules From COVID19
Rules From COVID19
  1. Non-professional football: Playoff systems might be wont to decide league tables, while youth football’s season has been terminated.
  2. More rules: Teams are going to be allowed to form as many as five substitutes during the sport, and LaLiga President Javier Tebas has already expressed his support for the move.
  3. Twenty-three man squads: LaLiga Santander and Segunda will have 23 players in their matchday squads, while the Segunda B, Tercera, and Women’s promotion playoffs will have 20 players in their squads.
  4. VAR: While FIFA will allow VAR to be phased out, LaLiga intends to continue using it, and enhancements are going to be made to the VAR facilities to guard the officials.
  5. Medical Information: LaLiga is going to be liable for supplying pictures of coaching sessions for a spread of clubs during the time, and it’s demanded that clubs don’t reveal any medical details from training to stop rumors of cases being spread. LaLiga must monitor all information regarding potentially successful cases.
  6. Measures in place: It should be recalled that LaLiga needs compulsory steps before the competition begins again. The temperature of anyone entering the stadium must be monitored, hotels must be used solely by players and only such flights are often taken. Teams traveling by bus must use two busses, with players screened before flying and residential players screened 24 hours before kick-off. All players will need to change their kits at half time, spitting is going to be a yellow card and press conferences are going to be done remotely.
  7. Bundesliga: German football returns on May 16th with a spread of strict guidelines. Teams might not attend the pitch together, players won’t be ready to touch after the goal, and players on the bench will need to wear a mask. No handshakes are going to be permitted.